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Our activities follow the seasons, in tune with our environment, are generally weather permitting, and always include the practice of mindfulness (and often a yoga session). We are open to all races, genders, preferences, ages, levels and abilities. We hope you’ll join us on a School of Life adventure soon!
Spring Raptor Migration

April 23, 2021 | 10am – 2PM

Every year, hundreds of raptors cycle back to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary as an integral stop in their annual migration. Since the 1960’s, Hawk Mountain has been monitoring and learning from the patterns of different species of raptor that vacation there each year.

Join us, as we learn about raptors, birds of prey, what it means to have ‘sanctuary’, and consider how moving in tide with the seasons promotes well-being.

We’ll begin with a group information session with a Hawk Mountain certified educator, followed by an all levels, kid-friendly, yoga practice to prepare us for our hike.

Group hike will be approximate 1 mile in length and is a moderately rated out and back trail. There will be ample time for raptor watching, resting, snacking, sketching, etc.

BYO: yoga mat, binoculars, lunch, water, snacks, sunblock, bug spray, etc.

Cost: $30 individual adult* (Includes trail fees.)
*$35 (1 adult / 1 child)
*Additional children are $10 each.
*Children under 3 are free.

Horseshoe Crabs and Ancient Cycles

May 26, 2021 | 6-9PM

Have you ever seen a horseshoe crab? They are truly pre-historic creatures, having been on the Earth for over 300 million years. That’s older than dinosaurs!

Every year, horseshoe crabs arrive on the beaches of the Delaware Bay to continue their life cycle. During high tide, and in tune with the moon, the crabs emerge from the sea to spawn.

Join us at Slaughter Beach on the full moon in May to witness this incredible phenomenon. We’ll gather before sunset for a brief discussion about horseshoe crabs and life cycles, share an all levels, kid-friendly, yoga practice as the moon comes up, and have plenty of time to explore the shoreline teeming with life.

This is an all ages, family-friendly event!

Cost: $20 individual adult*
*$25 (1 adult / 1 child)
*Additional children are $5 each.
*Children under 3 are free.

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